Made by Motsy

Hello and welcome to Motsy!  For many years I have been crafting and it's been so much fun.  Finally, my website is here.  I will continue to sell at fairs and festivals but I created this little online shop for in between times and custom orders.  I began my creative journey decades ago and I've tried many different crafts and they have all come together here.  Yes, this is a one woman shop and everything is handmade by me.  Every piece is hand cut.  Every stitch is sewn by me.  Every item is a limited edition or a one of a kind.  I can't afford to make hundreds of bags and toss one with a slight imperfection.  That little imperfection just adds to the beauty and uniqueness and says it was made just for you.  But, don't think that means you'll get a subpar item.  My items will be beautiful and I will ensure it's good quality.  One thing you can be very sure of is that I put passion and pride into making these things and hope their personality comes through.  It's all in the little things in life.  So, don't underestimate how special little touches like owning and giving things that honor and express our personality and individuality can make a big difference.  In a world of conformity, try being you and see how special that feels.  Every item here is saying thank you for being you.  Because everyone should hear that every day... thank you for being you!

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